Thank God For Clouds

I did one of my favorite things yesterday.
I sat and watched the sunrise from my tiny porch at my apartment in Guatemala.
What a blessing!
I didn’t know when I would be able to return.
Some said the earliest would be October.
Others said January.
But God said, ‘’Mid-September, just as you asked.’’

And I am blown away once again by His kindness.

The sunrise yesterday was gorgeous at first.
But then clouds rolled in, obscuring it.
I could still see glimmers of the glorious light show that was happening behind the clouds.
But most of it was obscured from my view.

And I realized how very, very much that represents life right now.
For many of us, life is extremely complicated and extremely filled with unknowns.
And while God has answered MANY of my questions in incredible ways, I still have more.
More questions.
More things I am waiting for.
More things I cannot see.
Things I do not know.

But here’s what God impressed on my heart yesterday morning:
The sunrise was still there, whether I could see it or not.
I could not see the whole picture that I wanted to see.
But I could see enough to know that it was happening.

And I had a choice.
I could rail against the clouds – the things I could not control that were obscuring my view.
Or I could enjoy the glimmers I did see, celebrating them in spite of the clouds.

And more than that, celebrating the faithfulness of the God who created them.
And who allowed them to block my view.

The God who ‘’works for those who wait for Him.’’ (Isaiah 64)

The sun was rising, even though I could not see it as clearly as I wanted.
And God is working, even when I cannot clearly see it.
And even when I cannot see it at all.

I knew the sun was rising because I could see the effects.
The sky was growing lighter.
The blue was growing deeper.
The shadows were fleeing.

I know that God is working in the areas of my life where I have no sight because I can see the evidence in the places where He is plainly seen.
In my life.
And in the lives of others.
So I thank God for the clouds, even though they made the sunrise less spectacular than I wanted.
Because they pointed me to the God who is more spectacular than I can comprehend.

Will you join me in thanking God for the clouds?
They may obscure your view, but they will never stop God from working.
The Son has risen.
And the glory of God will rise until the day the whole world bows before Him.
And in the meantime, we get to see glimpses of what He is up to as we wait for that final glorious day to dawn.
After that, there will be no more dawns because there will be no night.
Just the light of His glory shining.
So we press on, waiting in hope, even when we cannot see.

Thank God for the clouds.

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