“God!”, I cry out. “It is the seasickness that is getting to me
I have lost the horizon
And I cannot steady my legs on this ever-shifting sea
The deck of the ship of my life plummets down into the depths one moment
Only to reverse to climb a steep wave the next.”

Waves break over me, trying to tug me off the deck and into the icy waters
I am gripping the lifeline
But my hands are weary
Scraped raw from holding on

And oh, so exhausted

I long for calm seas
Still waters
Gentle rocking waves instead of angry breakers

I long for You to calm it all
Take away the storm
Silence the fury
I know You can
But I don’t know if You will

And then You are there beside me
You hold out Your hand with a smile on Your face and a twinkle in Your eye
“Let’s take a walk”, You say.

I am reluctant to let go of the rope
Loathe to relax my grip
Fearful that if I let go the whole ship will fall apart
Or I will be swept out to sea.

And You smile again as You say,
“Are you really the one keeping your feet on this deck?
Is all of your effort to hang on making you safe?
Why are you putting your energy into fears? Control? Wondering?
Let go.
Take my hand.
Let’s take a walk.”

My fingers hurt as I uncurl them from the rope.
They have cramped from holding on so tightly.
But I take Your hand and Your fingers slide between mine, holding tightly.

Just as we connect, the ship tosses violently.
So that we are thrown toward the raging waters.

But even as we fly through the air towards the depths, I hear You laugh.
With delight!
You say, “Watch this!”
And instead of going under, we land lightly on our feet.

The waves are still crashing.
The wind is still whipping.
The sky is still ominous.
But we are standing.
Somehow standing.
On the water.
In the middle of a storm.

You squeeze my hand and look into my face with a grin.
“How cool was that?” You say with a chuckle.
I smile back into Your eyes and lean my body against Your strong arm, my hand still firmly gripped in Yours.

“Let’s take a walk”, You say again.
And I nod as we set off among the breakers, strolling across the wildly surging sea.
The storm hasn’t changed.
And maybe it never will.
But I am released from my fears because You hold my hand.

As we walk through the tumult, You lean down and say,
“Storms are just opportunities for more adventures with Me, love.
Keep watching. You’ll be amazed at what I can do.”

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