On Diffusers, Thermostats and Temples…

I was made to be a diffuser.

I love essential oils.
And I love my diffuser.
You see, the diffuser takes water that has drops of essential oil in it and turns it into mist.
That mist shoots straight up out of the diffuser and into the air.
But then, after a point, it slowly drifts down from the air and swirls with the air currents, permeating into the room.

I was made to be a diffuser.
A diffuser of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control.
A diffuser of grace
Unconditional acceptance and love
A diffuser of Christ-likeness

Essential oils sitting in the bottle don’t do anything.
They don’t freshen the air, repel bugs, boost body systems.
But added to the diffuser, they can do all those things.

But for the diffuser to work, it has to have the elements all brought together.
Essential oils

And for me to diffuse the love of God and His character to the world I need:
His power
The Living Water of the Word
And the oil of the Holy Spirit.

I become a diffuser when I take in Living Water, the Living Word of God.
Through reading, through studying, through listening.
One of the symbols of the Holy Spirit in Scripture is oil.
So as I take in the Living Water, God the Holy Spirit adds understanding and meaning and purpose.
He also brings the power source to the whole mixture.
And I am able to pray and praise, lifting high the Lord, shooting straight to heaven, to the heart of God.
Coming boldly before the throne of grace to receive help in time of need. Praying according to the will of God.

But, as the prayer and praise go up, they also change the atmosphere around me.
They change me.
My attitude.
My perceptions.
And even the spiritual dynamic around me.
Just like scorpions and mosquitos hate the oils I diffuse, the enemy hates the praise I lift.
The critters scatter.
And so does he.

And as the spiritual world is impacted, the physical world is changed.
I am empowered to be a difference maker.
To touch hearts and minds and lives.
So that those people can touch hearts and minds and lives.
And the fruit of God’s Spirit is diffused around me. Through me.

I was made to deliver the scent of Christ.
To repel evil, sin and the enemy.
To lift high prayer and praise every chance I get.

I was made to be a diffuser.
And so were you.

I was made to be a thermostat.

I don’t have one of those in my apartment here because there is no HVAC system in the building.
Instead, we rely on open or closed windows, more or less clothing, more or less blankets.
But the temperature of the apartment is never regulated.
It fluctuates wildly depending on the weather outside.

I have written about this before – how we can be a thermometer, reflecting the temps of our circumstances, or a thermostat, setting the temp and turning up or down the heat as needed.

Now more than ever Christ-followers NEED to be thermostats.

Sometimes a thermostat turns up the heat.
Cries out for justice for the oppressed.
Pleads for people to understand.
Says the unpopular yet true thing.
While always speaking the truth in love.

And sometimes the thermostat brings in cool air.
Calming words.
Soothing truths.
Not responding to the post.
Or choosing words carefully when responding so that the temperatures are brought down and listening can happen.

If I had a thermostat in my apartment, I would use it to regulate the temperature as I saw fit.
Because I would be in charge of it.
But the thermostat itself would not be the one to choose whether to go up or down.
It would only respond to my directions.

It’s the same way for a human thermostat in a world that is both brutally cold and completely engulfed in flames at the same time.

I am just a tool. Just a thermostat.
But I must allow the Hand of the One in charge of all things to set me.
To tell me when to turn up the heat.
And when to leave it alone.
When to add cool air.
And when to do nothing.

When I choose to take over and try to change the temp by my own wisdom, or out of my emotions, it ends in disaster.
Because I am a tool in the hands of the Master, not the Master Himself.
But when I allow the Holy Spirit to control my tongue, my words, my responses He can use me as a thermostat to bring change.

I was made to be a thermostat.
And so were you.

I was made to be the temple of the Living God.
And the moment I became a Christ-follower who asked Him to take my punishment and be my Savior, I became His temple.
His Holy Spirit indwells me.
He resides in me.

Which means I have the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire that led the Israelites at work inside me.
I have the glory that Isaiah saw filling the temple filling my innermost self.
I have the same power that raised Jesus from the dead working in me.
I have the breath that Ezekiel saw bring dead bones to life filling me.
I have the Word that spoke creation into existence speaking to my heart.
I have the Wind of God that blew through the upper room, transforming the disciples from frightened followers to empowered leaders, blowing through my life.

I am the temple of the Holy Spirit.
God lives in me.

I have been given everything I need for life and godliness.
I have the God who does “exceedingly, abundantly” inside of me.
I have the God who walked on water, raised the dead, healed the blind and made the lame walk at work in me.
Through me.
And in spite of me.

I am the temple of the Living God.

Why doesn’t that fact have more power in my life?
Why do I look in the mirror and despise the temple?
Why do I look at others who are also temples and despise them?
Why do I allow anything unholy to even come close?
Why do I forget that I have been bought with a very high price, that I am redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus, that He ransomed Himself in my place?
I am the temple of the Living God.
And so are you if you are a Christian.

If we really believed these things –
that we are diffusers of the work of God,
that we are thermostats with the power to change the temperature when set by the hand of Almighty God,
and that the same power from both the Old and New Testament dwells in us –
how would we change?

And how would we change the world?

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