Fear and Faith: A Conversation

Fear vs Faith conversation

Fear says, “If I don’t do this, they won’t love me.”
Faith says, “I will do this because I love them.”

Fear says, “If I lose control, I will have to do damage control.”
Faith says, “I will give up control because it is an illusion anyway.”

Fear says, “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done.”
Faith says, “God will supply all I need, including this.”

Fear says, “The worst-case scenario is where we are heading.”
Faith says, “The only worst-case scenario that exists is God abandoning me – and that won’t ever happen.”

Fear says, “Where will I find the money?”
Faith says, “My God will supply all my needs.”

Fear says, “What if I get sick?”
Faith says, “God always heals. It is simply a matter of when and where.”

Fear says, “You will always be alone.”
Faith says, “You are never alone.”

Fear says, “Batten down the hatches! A storm is coming and we may not survive!”
Faith says, “I know the Master of the wind and waves. He will either calm the storm or ride with me through it.”

Fear says, “Guard yourself. Don’t love too much. They will take advantage of you.”
Faith says, “Love in the way God loves you. He will protect you. You don’t have to protect yourself.”

Fear says, “If you don’t take care of you, no one else will.”
Faith says, “God is my Father who will always take care of me.”

Fear says, “If God really loved you, you wouldn’t be going through this tough time.”
Faith says, “Great parents allow pain in limited portion for their children when it serves a greater purpose.”

Fear says, “God will never give you that good thing you want because you don’t deserve it.”
Faith says, “I deserve nothing and yet look at all the good things He has already given. If He withholds that, He has a good reason for it.”

Fear says, “Look out for number 1.”
Faith says, “Play for an Audience of One.”

Fear says, “Life will never get better.”
Faith says, “This life is the worst it will ever be. Heaven is waiting and my hope is sure.”

Fear says, “You are not enough.”
Faith says, “Amen. I am not. But greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world. And HE is enough.”

Fear says, “You can’t run. You might fall.”
Faith says, “Not only can you run, you can fly.”

Fear says, “But see how dark it is.”
Faith says, “What a great opportunity to reflect His light!”

Fear says, “Your to do list is overwhelming.”
Faith says, “That is why my Father and I will do it together, one step at a time.”

Fear says, “He won’t come through.”
Faith says, “Look at His track record.”

Fear says, “Grasp your life and all your stuff tightly.”
Faith says, “Lay it all down and watch what He does.”

Fear says, “Death wins.”
Faith says, “It is already defeated.”

Fear says, “Control it.”
Faith says, “Cast it on Him.”

Fear says, “Worry about it.”
Faith says, “Worship through it.”

Fear says, “Fretting is helpful.”
Faith says, “Freedom is found in surrender.”

Fear says, “It ALL depends on me.”
Faith says, “It ALL depends on Him.”

Fear says, “What if…?” and imagines the worst.
Faith says, “What are we waiting for?” and believes for the best.

Fear says, “Who says??”
Faith says, “God says. I believe. Enough said.”

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