What Say You?

What Say You

They say:
Work hard.
Then work harder.
Make it happen.
Make a plan.
Implement it.
Work around the obstacles.
Peer into the future.
Try to determine the best outcome.
Make projections.
Work harder still.
You are enough.
You’ve got this.

He says:
Ask for direction.
Do the next thing.
Look ahead expectantly.
Wait for guidance.
Then walk forward in confidence.

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.
For My glory.
Don’t try to figure out what is next.
Or how to get around the obstacle.
Instead, take it to Me, the One Who made you, the Designer of all things, the Lord.

Don’t worry about anything.
Instead, give thanks for ALL things.
Even the tough stuff.
And then leave it in My hands.
Tell Me what you need. Yes, even what you want.
And then rest.
Rest in the fact that I will make it happen – if “it” is My will.
Rest in the fact that I will show you what to do next – if there is a “to do”.
Rest in the fact that I CAN see the future and I know exactly what will happen – and that I am working all things out “in conformity to the purpose of My will”.

I say:
But God has given me a brain – He expects me to use it!
(As I bow at the idol of self-sufficiency.)

Laziness and sloth are sins. I have to work hard!
(As I bow at the idol of control.)

If I don’t take care of this, who will?
(As I bow at the idol of my own importance.)

The Truth:

Time is short.
We desperately need workers in the harvest field.
The Lord of the Harvest is returning soon.
And we want to be found faithful in working for Him.

But He never asked us to do it in our own strength.
He never asked us to do it without Him.
He never asked us to figure it out.
He never asked us to make a plan for His approval.

He never said, “Hustle first. Then pray when you have exhausted all other resources.”
He never said, “You can do this; I can help.”
He never said, “You are enough.”
He never said, “You’ve got this.”

He said, “My power is made perfect in your weakness.”
He said, “Sit back and watch what I can do.”
He said, “I am the Potter, you are the vessel.”
He said, “Take my yoke upon you. Do things my way. And you will find rest for your soul.”
He said, “You can do all things – if you do them in Me. Through Me. Because I asked you to do them. For My glory.”
He said, “Humble yourself before Me. And then watch me raise you up.”
He said, “Without Me, you can do nothing.”

Your first job is not to hustle.
Your first job is the stay connected to the Vine.

Your first job is not the make it happen.
Your first job is to make time for Him. For prayer. For the Word. For listening.

Your first job is not to tell yourself how good you are.
Your first job is to tell Him how great He is.

Your first job is not to recognize all your best qualities.
Your first job is to yield every part of yourself to His mighty hand.

“The natural temptation with every difficulty is to plan for it, to put it out of the way yourself; but stop short with all your planning, your thinking, your worry, and talk to Him! Rest, trust, and wait, and see how He does that which you wanted to do and had so much care about. ‘Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.’”
A. E. Funk

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