The Perfect Date

I had an amazing lunch date yesterday with the man of my dreams.
It was his idea.
We went to a local park; I packed a picnic lunch.
We sat on a pier at the lake and watched the show.
The beautiful crane that was hunting for her lunch.
A fish that jumped out of the water to grab his.
The clouds that studded the brilliant blue sky.
And the leaves that are changing colors so beautifully right now.

Granted, it was a little chilly at times.
But he held me close, even as the wind blew.
And we just sat, enjoying each other’s company.

I finally broke the silence with a question.
“How do you see me?” I asked.
I know – that is a vulnerable question to ask.
He could have said anything.
Because he is the perfect man.
And I know I have many, many flaws.

But do you know what he said to me?
He said, “You are beautiful. And you are mine.”

I had to smile, even as I battled my disbelief at his words.
“How can you say that I am beautiful? You, who know me intimately – how can you find me beautiful?”

He said, “You are beautiful because you are mine. I adore you just because you exist – for no other reason than that. I am not looking for perfection. You don’t have to earn the right to be with me. And I don’t love you for what you bring to the table. I just do because I am. I. Love. You.”

But then it got even better…
Because he asked, “Do you want to know how else I see you?”
“Yes, please”, I replied.

He said, “You are forgiven. The past is in the past and it does not matter at all. I hold nothing against you. You are free.”
“But – but you are the one I hurt the most by the choices I made! I know you say you forgive me – but surely you must hold some of it against me. There have to be consequences of my actions, things I have to pay for, make up for…”

And my voice trailed off as he put his hand gently over my mouth.

“You. Are. Forgiven. It is finished. It WAS finished a long time ago. And no, I don’t hold any of it against you because your debt has been fully paid. The old is gone, the new has come.”

And then he said, “And, darling, one more thing. Do you know what I want from you? Rest. Simply rest.
Your job is to rest. Rest in me. I will take care of you. Everything. Every part of every part of your complicated life. There is nothing I can’t do. And I promise, you mean more to me that you will ever know.
So you don’t have to be needed for me to want you. And you don’t have to control any part of your life for me to love you. You are never too much for me. You are never not enough for me, either. I am crazy about you. Always have been; always will be. All I want from you is your heart.
Spend time with me. Love me for me – because that is the way I love you. Get to know me better. Delight in being with me the way I delight in being with you. I will never fail you – I promise.”

Shortly after that the rain clouds blew in.

But as I packed away the remains of lunch, he said to me, “I love spending time with you. Let’s do this again very soon, OK?”

And I fell in love with him all over again.

After all, He is the One whom my soul loves.
And the One who is the Lover of My Soul.
The Beginning and End of me.
The Glue that holds me together.
The Light for my pathway and the Guide for my feet.
The Shepherd I need.
And the Source of all I am.
He is the One who created all things.
And He is the One who loved me enough to die in my place.
He is the Only One who will never fail me.
I am His.
And He is mine.

And so, I choose to spend as much time with Him as I can.
It is not every day that I have hours to have lunch with Him.
But I had the time yesterday.
And I am so glad He gave me the idea.

My goal is to make the time to be alone with Him, simply enjoying Him, as often as possible.
Because that was the Best. Date. Ever.

For I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

I hope you know Him like that.
If you don’t, ask Him to show you why you don’t.
Trust me, He is not the One in the way of relationship.
I dare you to ask Him.
You will not regret it.

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