Praying His Names…

One of my favorite things to do is to pray the names of God.

Sometimes I do it so I can shut off my brain in the wee hours of the morning.  Then it is usually an alphabetical list of both His names and His character traits.  On a really, really bad night I get all the way to Z.  (“God, You are zealous for me”) and have to start over. But usually I drift off somewhere among the G’s.  (“God, You are great, good, grand.  You are the Great I Am, You are full of grace and glory…”)

And sometimes I do it when I am afraid, frustrated or on the very edge of sanity.  Like when I am stuck in traffic.  Or becoming impatient while waiting in line. Or stuck in an airplane on a long flight.

But sometimes I do it just because He is worthy.

His Name is worth lifting high.

And He is worth every bit of praise I can bring.

If you have never prayed the names of God, I highly recommend it.  You may be wondering what I mean or what it looks like.  Here’s what it looked like in my journal the other day….

Living Water, flow through me today.  Bring healing waters to me – but then let them flow through me to touch those I love and those I should love. Make me a conduit.

Bread of Heaven, fill me today.  Satiate my hunger – but then let me share freely what You have given to me in the lives of those I meet today.

Lamb of God, thank You for Your sacrifice on my behalf.  May I live sacrificially on behalf of others.  All of the “others” You bring my way, regardless of how I feel about them.  About me.  Or about my circumstances.

Creator of All Things, thank You for the beauty of Your creation.  May I take what You have made and not hoard it or use it solely for my pleasure; instead, may I use all You have given me to bless those who You put in my world. And may my world be bigger than me, bigger than here.

Lover of My Soul, thank You for being passionate for me and about me.  May I take the knowledge that I am fully and completely loved and let it change how I interact with all the other humans You love.

Risen Lord, thank You that You are alive, active and on the move.  May I tap into the resurrection power that flows through me and allow You to change me from the inside, out. Have Your way in me – and in spite of me.

Lion of the Tribe of Judah, thank You that You are not a tame lion.  May I rest in the wildness of Who You are; may that give me the courage to live out Your fierce love today in the midst of the wilderness.

Commander of the Armies of Heaven, thank You that You fight on my behalf every day.  May I take up the armor You have given, as well as the sword of the Spirit, and use them effectively as we face Your enemy together.

Emmanuel, God with Me, thank You that You will never leave me or forsake me.  May I be as faithful and true as You are in all of my relationships, consistently shining for You and pointing to You in all I do and say.

Light of the World, thank You for piercing the darkness in me and in this world.  May I be the moon to Your Son, reflecting You in all I do and say today. May I never take credit for the Light that is in me.

Word of God, speak to my heart today however You choose, dividing even joint and marrow in me as needed.  May I be a faithful student of Your Word, as well as a faithful teacher, so that You can use me to touch the lives of others.

Holy One, thank You that You are perfect in all Your ways, right in all You do, completely set apart and lifted high.  May You continue to work in me, making every part of my life holy to You, taking me from glory to glory until the day we meet face to face.

God my Provider, thank You that You have supplied all of my needs and You will continue to do so.  May I live generously today as a conduit of Your goodness to those in need.  May I be Your hands and feet today.

God my Protector, thank You that You watch over me, knowing and delighting in every detail of my life.  May my ears be sensitive to Your direction, my heart quick to agree and my feet quick to obey, no matter how You lead.

Abba, thank You that You are my Daddy, the One who holds me close and whispers love in my ear.  May I live as a beloved daughter of the King of Kings, fully known and yet still fully loved and therefore able to fully love without fear.

Alpha and Omega of all things, thank You that You are the beginning and the end of me.  May I live this day as though it is my last on earth, loving as You love, serving as You serve, shining as You shine.  And if this is not my last day in this body, may I do the same again tomorrow.

God, take all that You are and use it in me, for me and in spite of me.

I am Yours and You are mine.

Be glorified today at my expense.




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