Dependence Day

You are God.
I am not.

You are good.
I am not.

You are Sovereign over all things.
I am not.

Your Word is Truth.
My words need to match Yours.

Your Word holds true today.
Regardless of what my culture insists.

Your ways are right.
My ways need to align with Yours.

You are the only Way to Heaven.
I cannot get there on my own, regardless of my sincerity or goodness.

You are Love.
I am the conduit of that love to a dying world.

You are the just and righteous Judge.
I can only call wrong the actions, thoughts and attitudes that You declare to be wrong.

You are merciful and kind.
As a recipient of Your mercy, I need to share the incredible grace I have been given even as I speak the Truth from the motivation of love.

You love people enough to show them where they are wrong.
I need to be a conduit of that love.

You love people even when they are wrong.
I need to be a conduit of that love.

Your Holy Spirit is the One who knows when I should speak and when I should be silent.
My job is to listen and obey.

You have given us two commands: Love people and tell them about You.
My job is to fulfill those commands in any way necessary, regardless of my comfort.

You are the One with the Master Plan.
My job is to unreservedly say, “Amen, so be it.”

You are the One Who is Worthy of all praise.
My job is to take my eyes off of me and my idols and fix them on You.

You are the One Who makes the promises.
My job is to live like they are true.

You are the One Who provides the power.
My job is to access it in every area of my life.

You are the One Who has loaned me everything I have.
My job is to use every resource for Your glory.

You are God.
I am not.

With all these Truths in mind, I once again make this Declaration of Dependence on You.
In You, I live and move and have my being.
You are my life.
The breath in my lungs.
The beat of my heart.
Take me – all of me – with no reservation, restrictions or areas blocked – and use me in spite of me.
I must decrease so that You can increase.
My life is about Your name, Your fame, and Your renown.
Remove anything that is blocking Your reflection from shining.
I cannot do a single thing without You.
But in You, I can do all things.
I am powerless to save myself.
But You are mighty to save.
I am a hopeless mess, unable to change.
But You are the One Who transforms.
I am one of billions. You are God Alone.
But I am beloved.
And so I declare my dependence once again.
Do with me as You will.
Because You are God.
And I am not.

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