On Worry…

On Worry…
Worry says God doesn’t know the future.
Worry says God doesn’t know what he is doing.
Worry says that I, within myself, am smarter, stronger, faster, better, more able and more intelligent than God.
Worry says that God may know about my concerns but He must not care.
Worry says I have to control this situation. Person. Outcome.
Worry says God may not provide.
Or if He does, it won’t be in the way I want. The way I believe is best for me.
Worry sets my heart on a person. Or a thing. Or a circumstance. Putting them in first place in my heart. My mind. My train of thought.
Worry forgets that heaven is waiting. That this life is brief. And definitely not all there is.
Worry takes a tiny possibility and gives it teeth.
Which become fangs.
That imbue poison into my life.

Worship says that God is God.
He created all of this.
And He exists in the past, present and future.
Worship says that He is the strongest, fastest, best and most able. Of anyone. Including me.
Worship declares that God cares. Enough to send His only Son to die for me. Enough to give me saving grace, sustaining grace and finishing-the-race-well grace.
Worship proclaims God’s provision, remembering what He has done in the past and trusting that He hasn’t changed, even though my circumstances have.
Worship proclaims that He is a good, good Father who longs to give me what is best for me if only I will get out of His way.
Worship shouts that God is in control. Sovereign. On the throne.
And it kicks everyone and everything off the throne of my heart, putting God in the place that is rightfully His.
Worship takes a tiny thing that worry has made huge – me – and puts it – puts me – in my proper place in the universe.
I am a speck of dust.
A flower quickly fading.
A single blade of grass in a massive meadow.
And yet, I am a beloved speck of dust.
A cherished flower.
A vital-to-the-Creator blade of grass.
Worth creating.
Worth dying for.
Worth listening to.
Worth loving.
And worth an eternity full of joy, with no sin, no problems, no cares. An eternity that is coming quickly. And one that will show this life for what it is – a brief blip on the screen of forever.

I am not worth all this because I am fabulous, but because He is.
And because He chooses to love me. Provide for me. Carry me through.

Worship in place of worry.
Every time. Heartbeat to heartbeat. Thought to thought.
Replacing each worry with a declaration of God’s worth.
Living worship.
Living loved.
Because I am.
And you are as well.

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