The Journey to The Cross, Day 7

The Journey to The Cross, March 18: Completely God

 Isaiah the prophet said that one of Jesus’ names would be “Emmanuel”, which means “God with us”.  And what a fabulously accurate name that is!

God in the flesh. God with skin on.

God who got weary, sweaty, dirty and smelly.

God who didn’t look like much from the outside, according to Isaiah.

And yet, fully God.

How did He prove His God-ness?
He controlled the wind and waves.

Told fish to jump into nets that had been empty all night.

Knew what people were thinking before they spoke.

Healed lepers with the touch of His hand.

And others who were ill were healed from a distance.

He commanded demons and they obeyed.

And he attracted the children, the weak, the ill and the disenfranchised to Himself.

He raised the dead back to life again.

God in the flesh. Coming to earth as a man.

So that He could teach us how to live. Demonstrate God’s heart.

And die in our place.

Completely human.  Completely God.

That idea makes my head hurt because I cannot fully comprehend it.

But it makes my heart sing because of how awesome He is!

Adoration: Praise God for sending Jesus to be our Immanuel.

Confession: Tell God where you have put Him in a box, forgetting that He is God and you are not.  Thank Him for the example that Jesus set for us as He walked this earth.

Thanksgiving:  Thank God for His power over death and that He is Sovereign over every circumstance you face.

Supplication: Ask God to prove Himself to be real to those in your life who doubt Him.  Ask Him to use you to show them His power by how your life is changed as you walk with Him.


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