On Mopping, My Mouth and The Best News Ever…

I absolutely love my Bissell Crosswave! It is an amazing machine.
My floors are hardwood and linoleum with scattered area rugs.
And that is what it does best!

My favorite feature? I don’t have to vacuum first and then mop. It does both, pretty much simultaneously. So I can literally get my floors pristine in half the time. And the amount of cat hair this thing gets out of the carpets? Whew! I thought my old vacuum was adequate until I used my Crosswave. It felt like I had the fur of an entire third cat in the canister when I was done!

Do I understand all the ins and outs of my Crosswave? Nope. I sure don’t. I don’t understand why the suction is more powerful or how it can handle both wet and dry stuff. I have no idea how many engineers it took to make it or how many tests they ran. I don’t know the horsepower of the motor. All I can tell you is that I have tried it and found it to be worth every penny.

Do you have a product you love? I am sure you do. There is something in your life that makes you healthier. Or your hair shinier. Or your chores easier. Or something. And I bet you have told someone about it. Maybe lots of someones.

Because God designed us to delight in good things. And to share them with others. Perhaps it’s not a product. Maybe it is a recipe. Or a place you went on vacation. A really awesome movie or a great song.

And maybe, like me, you have the gift of gab. You’ll share with anyone. You hear a perfect stranger talking about a health issue and you just can’t help saying, “There’s an oil for that!” Or you have an acquaintance who mentions that they are looking for the perfect vacation spot and you say, “Oh, we loved Great Wolf Lodge!”

Perhaps you are more reserved, less inclined to view the entire world as a group of friends you haven’t met yet. That’s fine. But I bet you still share good things with the people you already know. Your coworker mentions that she has always wanted to make lasagna and you say, “Oh, I found a great recipe that our family loved. Do you want it?” Or the soccer Mom you make chit-chat with on the sidelines says, “We need to get Johnny a new set of cleats but they are so expensive!” and you say, “Oh, have you checked out somethingsomething.com? We got a great deal there for Suzie’s cleats!”

We do it naturally.
Because we have found something we love.
We have experienced its goodness.
Or the benefit in our lives.
And we share that experience, what we have seen with our own eyes, with those around us.
We don’t worry about offending them.
We don’t think, “Gosh, I have to go to culinary school before I share this lasagna recipe!”
We keep it simple.
We have experienced goodness.
We share it.

So why is sharing Jesus so difficult?
Why do we get tripped up by what might happen? Or how they might react?

You don’t have to have all the answers.
Nor do you need a seminary degree.
You don’t have to be able to prove the existence of God or even defend what other people have done in the name of Christ.
All you have to do is share what YOU know.
What YOU have experienced about the goodness of God.
What your life was like before you met Him.
(And no, you don’t have to share all the gory details unless He prompts you to do so.)
Share how you decided to surrender.
And how you have seen Him work since then.

Keep it simple.
Keep it real.
If – or when – they challenge you with a question and you don’t know the answer, do these things:
Pray. Quickly, silently. Something as simple as, “Help! Please give me wisdom.”
Be willing to say you don’t know.
And be willing to say, “But I will do my best to find out.” Then ask someone who is ahead of you on the faith walk and return with the answer.
Finally, recognize that those questions are often simply diversionary tactics of the enemy who does not want your friend to have eternal life.

Because here’s the deal:
If God is real and the Bible is true, then every person is going to die someday.
And when they do, they will face God.
He will not take out a list of Good Works to compare it to a list of Bad Choices.
He will simply look to see if their name is recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
Did they accept Christ? Or did they reject Him?

But He will also look at those of us who followed Him. And we will give an account of what we did with the experience we have of knowing Him. Our obedience to the last command Jesus gave, to go and make disciples.
Did we share the best news ever?
Or did we keep to ourselves?
Did we let the enemy scare us off mission?
Or did we complete our assignment through His strength and by His grace?

Not by preaching sermons or having all the answers.
But simply by knowing Him intimately.
And then by being willing to share what He has done.
Because that is all a witness does.
They share what they have seen, heard and experienced.
They testify to what happened.
It is up to the hearer – and the work of the Holy Spirit – to be changed by the testimony.
Your job is to be faithful in planting and watering seeds.
His job is to reap the harvest.

And if you want to be more prepared, go for it!
There are plenty of great resources out there that answer the questions they might ask.
Study up!
And be prayed up at all times.
Stay close in your walk with Him.
Keep your relationship in good standing by confessing sin ASAP.
Delight in Him.
And it will get much, much easier to share.

In fact, you will have “streams of Living Water” bubbling out of your life and you may not even have to initiate the conversation.
They may initiate by asking you why you love the way you do. Or how you can be so forgiving. Why you work so hard or why you don’t laugh at the dirty jokes. And then it gets easy to share.
But even if they don’t ask, you can still share the best news ever.
First, because He is so awesome.
And second, because He commanded it.

Will you share?
Or will you let the enemy shut you up?
The choice is yours.
But your friend desperately needs to hear what God has done for you.
I pray we’ll both be obedient.

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