‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through my brain
Danced to-do lists and tasks, both vital and mundane
“I have to go here, I have to make this,
I have to check that thing off my list!”

So I frantically rushed from this thing to that
Wishing I too was “in my bed, in my cap”
With “stockings all hung”
And all other prep done.

But then out on the lawn I heard such a clatter –
No, that’s not right – it was in my head’s chatter
That a still, small Voice whispered soft to my soul
“Peace, child, peace, I’m still in control.”

As I drew a deep breath and turned t’wards the Voice
He said to me gently, “I gave you a choice
In this season so merry and bright
Seek My Kingdom first or push Me out of sight.”

“You’ve spent so much time making lists, checking twice
That you only glance My way, thinking that will suffice.
But now your soul’s dry and oh, so very thirsty
Come, drink Living Water, I’m not in a hurry.”

And as I humbled my heart and sat down at His feet
He drew me to Him, and it felt oh, so sweet
And then what to my wondering soul did appear
But gifts of His grace and a stilling of fear.

As these gifts filled my soul, He called them by name:
“Now come on sweet Joy! On Peace! And on Kindness!”
“On Love, Hope, and Mercy, take away this girl’s blindness!”

And with a sweet peace I lay my head on His chest
My to-do list forgotten and my soul now at rest
As He held me so tight He whispered into my ear
“Remember, this closeness is why I drew near.

You’re the reason I came, the point of the manger,
So that you and I do not have to be strangers.
That should be the point of all this sweet season
To remember salvation is really the reason.

The reason I was born in a humble barn
The reason I willingly took on human form
The reason I was tempted and yet without sin
The reason I walked and taught among men

The reason I lived and the reason I died
Was simply to have you here, by my side
I took all the wrath that your sin did incur
And died in your stead, your life to ensure.

So remember, sweet friend, in the midst of this bustle
Of presents and parties and holiday hustle
To stop often and long so that we can just be
Together, like this, in sweet harmony.”

And then, with a kiss to my forehead
We both got up from that place
He walked by my side as I dove back into the race

But the difference was clear as I went through my day
Each time I remembered to glance over His way
He smiled at me and said, “Yes, I’m still here
I will never leave or forsake you, my daughter so dear.”

So bring on the crazy, the Christmas-time race
And remember each day to walk in His grace.
If you do that, my friend, He won’t leave out of sight
But He will say, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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