(Hebrews 10:14) For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.

I’m addicted.
It has made such a difference that I am willing give up all sorts of things for it.
All worth it.
Because of the difference I feel.

What addiction?
Chiropractic adjustments.

I hurt my back this summer and it drove me to a place I never thought I would go – a chiropractor.
I was beyond skeptical, having a long-term relationship with chronic pain and inflammation. I seriously doubted that she could help.
But I was wrong.
Those adjustments to my spine have been nearly magical.
The injury is healed.
But I also am feeling relief from things I had accepted normal.
I have less pain. More flexibility.
Can exercise longer, with more intensity.
All because of adjustments made in the right place by the right person.

But I have an even greater addiction that makes an even bigger difference in my life.

Spiritual adjustments.

Here’s the thing about chiropractic care.
It is all about relaxing and letting her adjust my spine.

Here’s the thing about my spiritual life.
It is all about yielding and letting Him adjust absolutely everything.

What I say.
And what I choose to not say, even when it is burning on my tongue.
What I post on social media.
And what I choose to not post, even when it is burning on my fingertips.
How I deal with a crisis.
A personal one.
A national one.
Even an international one.
How I deal with sin in my life. And in the lives of others.
How I spend my money. My time. My energy. My resources.
What I read.
What I listen to.
What I watch.

All of these things require constant adjustment from the Great Physician.
Asking for His eyes to see the circumstance.
And His heart for those in it.

Because my eyes are bad.
They have cataracts of sin on them.
And they have not experienced the trauma or tragedy so many have faced.

And my heart is equally unequal to the task.
It is also warped by sin.
And, left to its own devices, “desperately wicked”. (Jeremiah 17:9)

The only Truth I have to go on is what is revealed in The Word of God and illuminated by the Holy Spirit.
I cannot trust my feelings.
My own wisdom.
My perspective.
Or even my experience.
I can only trust the One Who sees all and knows all.
Every motive.
Every circumstance.
Every heart involved.

And, just as going only once to the chiropractor doesn’t make a huge difference, it takes more than just a one-time conversation with Him for my heart – and my actions – to get it right.
True, I received eternal life the moment I chose to believe Jesus died as my substitute, taking the punishment for my sin.
In Christian-ese, I was saved at that moment.
But I am also being saved as I travel with Him on this road of life.
I am being changed, transformed into His likeness.
If I allow it.
Allow Him to make those adjustments.
Allow Him to change my heart.
Allow Him to guide my words, my actions, my reactions.
One of my favorite verses says, “..having been made perfect, we are being made holy.” (Hebrews 10:14)
In other words, I am guaranteed heaven when I die because God sees the end, when I stand before Him, when I am done with sin once and for all.
But, in the meantime, I am being made more and more like Him, being made holy.
Adjustments by the Great Physician.

Because Jesus did not pray, “Father, Your Kingdom come when they get to heaven and in the meantime, well, it’s pretty hopeless so why bother?”

He said, “Your Kingdom come one earth as it is in heaven.”
His Kingdom here. Now.
Starting in my heart.
And reaching out through me – through you – to a dying, broken, hell-bound world.

On my own, I am out of alignment.
I seek my kingdom first instead of His.
I allow bitterness and rage to drive me rather than forgiveness and unconditional love.
I see the world as for ME or against ME, rather than for HIM or against HIM.
I lead with my emotions rather than with Truth.
I define God as I would like Him to be rather than Who He is.
I excuse sin, both in myself and in general.
Or I choose one sin as “the bad one” and focus only on that.
I lose sight of the eternal perspective and concentrate instead on things that will not last.
I sit back and say, “That’s your problem, not mine.”
I hoard instead of give.
Protect myself instead of others.
Speak up for my rights instead of yours.
Focus on me instead of Him. Instead of you.
Allow the constant pain of a world that is dying without Him to shut me down.
I forget that every single person I meet is either bound for heaven or bound for hell – and that I have the Good News that will make the difference in that destination.
I delegate my Kingdom responsibilities to the “professional” Christians.

Out of alignment.
And overwhelmed by my own inadequacies.

But when I take the time to sit with Him each day…
When I regularly meet with brothers and sisters in Christ to exalt Him…
When I talk to Him about EVERYTHING…
And when I allow the Holy Spirit into every corner of my life, asking Him to make any adjustment necessary, yielding quickly to His prompting, whether it is to NOT do something or to DO something…

Then I am come back into alignment.
Seeking first HIS glory, HIS Kingdom, HIS righteousness.
Loving as He loved. Even loving the unlovely.
Laying down my life. And my time. And my bank account.
Asking Him for wisdom.
Seeking His words for any given response.
Looking out for your interests ahead of my own.
And making an impact on this world one person at a time. One word at a time. One response at a time.
Because as I constantly and consistently realign myself with Scripture, with His heart, with His wisdom, I become more and more like Him.
A reflection of His glory.
An instrument of hope and peace in a dark, dark world.
A shining reflection of the Light of the World.

And life-changing.

Will you yield?

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