Her mug says, “You are enough”.
But the Truth is, I am not enough.

I am not smart enough.
I am not strong enough.
I am not wise enough.
I am not enough.

There are holes in my life.
In my thinking.
In my finances.
In my work.
In my relationships.
In the lives of those I love.

And if I believe that I am enough, that I have it within me to fix all of that, to even begin to deal with all of it, then I am in trouble.
Serious trouble.

Because it just isn’t True.
And it is A LOT of pressure.

Always have the right answer.
Always make the right choice.
Always do the right thing.
Always be the right person.

I am not enough.
And never will be enough.

No matter how much education I get, I will still not know everything.
No matter how long I live, I will still not have sufficient wisdom.
No matter how much money I have, it will never fix it all. Supply it all. Change what needs to be changed. Grow what needs to be grown.
No matter how much I exercise and eat right, this body will still wear out.
No matter how much I laugh, I cannot cure the ills of body and soul.
No matter how much I care, people around me will still hurt.

I am not enough.

And that is a beautiful thing.
A blessing!

These very things – the cracks in my armor, the flaws in me, the failures of my life, the pain that God allows – these are the things that show me clearly and without question that I have a great need.
That I am not enough.
And never will be.

But, while I am not enough, there is something I most definitely am.
I am loved.
By the Great I AM, I am loved.
By the Great I AM, I am favored.
By the Great I AM, I am redeemed.
By the Great I AM, I am forgiven.
By the Great I AM, I am strengthened.
Given wisdom.
Supplied with all I need.
Because He is THE Enough.

And I am loved, not because I am enough.
Because clearly, I am not.
But I am also not loved because I am not enough, like some great pity-motivated project God has taken on.
I am loved simply because HE is enough.
He IS love.
And He chooses love.
He loves me even as He hates my sin.
He loves me when I excel.
And He loves me when I fail.
He loves me when I make Him look good.
And He loves me when I steal His glory for myself.
He loves me when I understand what He is doing and thank Him for it.
And He loves me when I rail against Him with questions, hurts and even accusations.

And that is what is, indeed, enough.
His love is enough.
While I was still a sinner, Christ died.
Before I was born, He knew me.
Before time began, He made a plan for my life.
He called me out of darkness and into the Kingdom of His dear Son.
He calls me Beloved.
And Friend.

He is Enough.
His Grace is Enough.
His Power is Enough.
His Mercies, new every morning, are Enough.
Because He is the Great Enough.

The “I AM” of my life.
My present circumstances.
My future concerns.
The number of my days.
And what fills them.
He is Enough.
The God who is able to do – and who, in essence is – “exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all I can ask or think”. (Ephesians 3)

I am not enough.
But thanks be to God!
He Is.

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