What’s a Girl to Do?

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What’s a girl to do?

Lord, this world is a mess.
Terrorist attacks.
World leaders who cannot agree.
Nuclear threats.
Egos that run the show – from Pennsylvania Avenue. From Hollywood. From Wall Street.
People who are fully devoted followers of anything and anyone but You.

Those who practice Humanism. “We’ve got this. We can do it. We are in control.”
And those who are devoted to Islam. “Allah’s got this. He can take over the world. Death to all who are not his.”
Or perhaps Universalism. “The Universe has this. We have no control because there is none. We are just cogs bumping along without pattern or form. You believe what you believe. I’ll believe what I believe. We’re both right – even when we contradict each other.”
Those who worship nature. The earth. The rocks, trees, water, sky.
And those who worship themselves. My bootstraps. My effort. My world. My kingdom.
Those who claim to not worship anything at all – and end up worshipping something or someone to fill the void in their hearts.

This world is a mess.
They need You.

And yet, those who follow You in other countries are paying the ultimate price for it.
Because they choose You.

A world that is lost, dying, and going to hell.

What’s a girl to do?

I can’t change the world.
I am not strong enough.
I am not smart enough.
I do not have enough resources.

So I am inclined to shut down.
Do nothing.
Except shake my head.
And talk about it with my friends.
Offer platitudes.
Or an appropriate meme or two.

What’s a girl to do?

All I can do.
Which is the next thing.
Whatever it is that God puts at hand.
I can be obedient.

I can abide.
Stay connected to The Vine.
In prayer.
In Bible reading.
In studying.
And then in applying what I have learned.

I can live out what I read on those pages.
“Love your enemy.”
“Pray for those who curse you.”
“Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.”
“Love your neighbor as yourself.”
“Forgive as you have been forgiven.”
“Fear God – hold Him in awe and give Him the respect He is due.”
“Guard your heart – and your mouth.”
“Give thanks in all things.”
“Study to show yourself to be an approved workman for God.”
“Gather together to worship.”
“Pray for those in authority over you.”
“Seek first the Kingdom.”

What’s a girl to do?

The next thing that God puts in my hand to do.
Which could be “big”.
Touching many lives.
Making what the world would call a large impact.

But it could be “small”.
Touching only one life.
Doing something that no one else sees – except the Father.

Like packing a lunch for a little boy, giving him five small barley loaves and two small fish for his meal.
And teaching him to share.
So that, when the followers of the Master ask, “Who here has any food?” it can be offered with willing hands and a willing heart.
And then it can be multiplied in the hands of the Master. Feeding 5,000 men plus the women and children.
A small thing.
The “next thing” on the list for the day of that busy Momma.
“Gave Judah his lunch – check. Now on to bigger, more important things.”
Not realizing that a lunch, faithfully packed by loving hands, can change the world.

What’s a girl to do? What’s a guy to do?
About London.
About poverty.
About abortion.
About ministry needs at my church.
About the homeless.
About racism.
About the hatred that seems to be growing exponentially.
About reaching my neighbor for Jesus.
About reaching the world for Jesus.

What’s a girl – or guy – to do?

Do the next thing.
Whatever it is that God is calling you to do – whether it is “large” or “small” – simply do it.
Do it well.
Do it cheerfully.
Do it as an act of worship.

Because little becomes much in the hands of the Master. And not just in the account of the feeding of the 5,000 in Matthew 14. But in the widow’s oil that got multiplied in 2 Kings 4. Or in David’s slingshot against Goliath in I Samuel 17. In Tabitha’s sewing in Acts 9 that blessed so many. And throughout the Word of God, the principle is the same. Take the little you have. The little you can do. Surrender it to the Master. Apply what you know about Him to your day-to-day life. Be obedient in even the tiniest things – and watch what He can do.

Little becomes much in the hands of the Master.

So Master, this girl doesn’t know what to do about the big stuff out there. And there’s A LOT of big stuff out there.
But I can do the next thing. By Your grace. In Your strength. I will cheerfully do whatever it is You put in my hand to do. Knowing that YOU can change the world. Even with what little I bring.

And THAT’s what a girl – or guy – can do!


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