A Question…

The message from the world:
Your abilities determine your worth.

Smart? Athletic? Good with numbers? A great public speaker? Graceful? A way with words?
Then you are worth something. Measured on a scale of comparison, against everyone else who is whatever you aspire to be, you are assigned a value.

Can do = Worth more.
Can’t do = Worthless.

The message from God:
Your availability is far more valuable than your ability.

Weak? Like Peter? The man who swore he would never deny Jesus and then turned around and did three times less than 12 hours later?
God made him one of the founding fathers of The Church.
He wasn’t able – he was available.

Too young? Like David? The boy who couldn’t fit into the armor provided for him so walked into battle with only his clothes between him and a 9-foot tall, heavily-armed man?
God directed one stone to fell the man and then gave David the strength to lop off his head.
He wasn’t able – he was available.

A minority? Like Esther? The girl who was an orphan, plucked out of the crowd because of her pretty face, doomed to life in a harem from that moment on? The girl who came from the hated race in the land?
God caused her to find favor with the King and placed her on the throne as Queen so that she could save the lives of her people, the Jews, because she was there “for such a time as this”.
She wasn’t able – she was available.

A criminal fugitive with a speech defect? Like Moses? The man who killed a man in the name of the Lord, then fled from Pharaoh’s wrath? The man who spent the next 40 years of his life tending sheep in the wilderness? The man who told God, “No, I don’t speak well” when God said, “Go say…?”
God used him to deliver His people from slavery and then to lead them – over a million of them – to the land He had promised.
He wasn’t able – he was available.

I could go on and on. Stories from the Bible. And stories from Christ-followers since the Bible who were un-able in the world’s eyes – or in their own – and yet were used by God because they said, “Yes” to Him.
Even when they wanted to say “No”.
Even when they saw their own shortcomings.
Even when they truly were all the “uns” – unable, unworthy, unacceptable.

It is a theme woven through God’s story, first in the Bible and then in the years since it was recorded.
He takes a little and makes it a lot.
He uses the weak to conquer the strong.
He makes the unfit the leaders.
He says, “Humble yourself and I will exalt you.”
He says, “When you are at your weakest, I am at my strongest.”
He says, “Your value is not based on what you can do. It is based on what I can do through you. Because I made you. I designed you. And I am for you. The things you do well? They are gifts from me. But I can take that little bit and make it a lot if you will make it available for My use.”

Only have a little to give?
A little time?
A little talent?
A little treasure?

Give it and see what He does.
A little oil filled many jars when what was available met the God of the impossible.
Two loaves and five fish fed 5,000 men plus their families when what was surrendered met the God of miracles.
12 uneducated men turned the world upside down when lives that were willing to follow met the power of the God who called them.

The key to Kingdom success?
In God’s economy, availability outshines ability every time.
Because a person who can do it all, has it all together, and is fully able – that person doesn’t need God.
And a person who doesn’t need God gets all the glory for himself.
But the person who steps out in faith and says, “Here I am, Lord. Use me in spite of me, flaws and all” – that person gives God all the glory.
Because he recognizes that it is God who accomplishes the work.
And that God alone is able.

Are you able available? Will you say “Yes” to God, no matter what He is asking you to do? Will you say to God, “I can’t do what You are asking me to do, but You can, so I yield – use me as You will”?

I don’t know the specific outcomes if you will choose to do that – but I do know this, both from history and personal experience: If you will say yes to God, He will show up in ways that blow your mind. If you will surrender to Him and say, “Your will, not mine” in every area, He will accomplish amazing things through you – and in spite of you. He’s proven time and again that He’s worth the risk. So I ask again:

Are you available?

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