Truth: God created me. God created everything.
And if He created it, He has the right to do with it as He wants.
When I create something – a baked good, a craft, a piece of writing – I throw it out when it “misbehaves”. Or I give up on it completely.

So God the Creator has every right to throw me out. Or give up on me completely. Because He created me. And I blow it. ALL. THE. TIME.

Truth: God doesn’t do that. He doesn’t annihilate me when I blow it. Again. He has the right to – but He chooses not to.

(Amazing mercy!)

Truth: ALL humans blow it. Every day. We like to measure it in degrees – a “little white lie” is better than murdering someone. And yes, they have different consequences in this life. But both separate me from the perfection of a holy, completely righteous Creator.

Truth: God the Creator has the responsibility to keep His holiness intact – or else He is not God at all. He cannot look the other way when I sin. And He cannot call “acceptable” that which is not. And yes, He made the rules so He gets to decide what is acceptable – because HE is the Creator.

Truth: As holy as God is, He is also kind. Merciful. Gracious. Loving. Because He is not willing to abandon me to my own willful bad choices, nor is He willing to be separated from me forever, He provided a substitute to die in my place, His very own Son. Because He (Jesus) had never sinned, He was able to take the punishment for my sin on himself.

(Astonishing grace!)

And that would be enough.
If God my Creator never did anything else for me, that would be enough.
Forgiveness for my sin. Being able to stand before Him because I have trusted that Jesus has taken my punishment on Himself. Mercy.

But then God goes farther.

Truth: God allows me to bring Him all my needs. To lay them at His feet and allow Him to meet them. To come before Him with every request, every desire, every thought.

And I don’t have to cower as I do it!
He says to “Come boldly to the Throne of Grace to find help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4) Boldly! Before the Holy and Awesome God of the Universe, the Creator of All Things. Even though I am a creature that has failed Him over and over again.

But then He goes farther still.

Truth: God not only promises to meet my needs, He promises to never, ever leave me or forsake me. I cannot make Him go away – even when I want to do so! I cannot make Him stop loving me, even when I stop loving myself. (Hebrews 13; John 10)

And that would be enough. But He does still more.

Not only does He not destroy me, His rebel creation, He long ago provided a way to redeem me.
And He not only redeems me – but then He bids me to come to Him with all I need.
And He not only says to come boldly, but He promises me His presence. Daily. Forever.

And then He does even more. He takes all this wonder even farther.

Truth: God does not “put up with me”. There are tons and tons of people who do. I am often too loud, too opinionated, and too stubborn for people. I am selfish and have a very sharp tongue. I am incredibly impatient. And often very, very self-righteous. And if you are sitting there thinking, “I’ve never seen that!” or “No, you aren’t!” then I have done an awesome job fooling you and being a world-class hypocrite as well.

But, for as many people who “put up with me” and my flaws, God is not one of them.
Instead of putting up with me, tolerating me or even shaking His head sadly and saying, “Here she comes again with that same-old same-old struggle”, He does the opposite.

He always welcomes me with open arms.
He not only welcomes me, He runs to meet me.
He delights in me.
He rejoices over me with singing.
He has my name engraved on His palm.
I am always in His thoughts.
I am His beloved.
He daily carries me in His arms.
He hears me every single time I call.
He cherishes me.
I am His daughter.
His princess.

And, if you are thinking, “That’s nice, Kathy, but He doesn’t feel that way about me”, you are dead wrong. Because all of those statements come out of Scripture. And they are not just about me. But they are about YOU, too. No matter who you are. No matter what you have done.


IF you have accepted that first part – that you are a sinner, in need of someone to take your place before a righteous and holy God – and that the only “someone” who qualifies to take your place is Jesus. If you have acknowledged that Truth, putting your faith in Jesus as your only hope, then:

He always welcomes you with open arms.
He not only welcomes you, He runs to meet you.
He delights in you.
He rejoices over you with singing.
He has your name engraved on the palm of His hand.
You are always in His thoughts.
You are His beloved.
He daily carries you in His arms.
He hears you when you call.
He cherishes you.
You are His daughter or son.
You are His prince or princess.

Do you believe that?
It is Truth – and it is Truth that will change your life if you let it sink in deeply.
Your life can be – will be – transformed by the astonishing, incredible love of God if you will allow it.

Yes, it takes surrender.
But it is worth it.
So very, very worth it.
Truth is always worth it.

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