Learned Along The Way…

It is a universally accepted truth that know-it-alls are a pain in the patooty.  (Is that how you spell patooty?)

I have no desire to be a know-it-all since the cold, hard fact is that I am finding I know less and less as I get older and older.

But there are a few things I DO know for sure.  And there are a few lessons I have learned as I have traveled along The Way.  So that is the purpose of this blog – to share what God is teaching me as I follow Him.

Because that is one of the things that I know for sure – that there is a Living, Personal, Most High God who exists and is in charge of my life.  I also know for sure that He has revealed Himself on the pages of the Bible.  So everything that I write in this blog will start there. And if something I have learned along The Way blesses you, then thank Him.







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